What is Main Street?

What is Main Street?

The National Trust for Historic Preservation developed the Main Street Program in 1980 as a response to the economic decline of downtown areas as people and business moved from these areas with improved transportation options. There are currently over 1600 Main Street Programs nationally where public and private sector groups have come together to address these issues and actively work to reverse the trend.

The Main Street Approach, a coordinated initiative for community revitalization, has a goal of economic improvement within the context of historic preservation. The foundation of this effort is embodied in Main Street’s three point approach.




The Czech Village/New Bohemia Urban Main Street District (Main Street) was formed in 2009 for the purpose of implementing the Main Street Approach® in two historic neighborhoods bordering the Cedar River on Cedar Rapids’ south side. Main Street is run by a volunteer board of directors made up of community leaders from local businesses and non-profit organizations. Main Street employs an Executive Director to coordinate efforts within the district.

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